About Us

Bio-Gas Technologies' goal is to be a part of the circular economy by reducing greenhouse gas admissions through the creation of renewable energy at landfills. We have the expertise in design, build, and install Landfill Gas-to-Energy Systems throughout the world.


Remembering Our Founder

Founded in 1996 by James R. Hiendlmayr, Bio-Gas Technologies has a long history of renewable energy projects including Natural Gas, Coal Mine Methane, Cogeneration, and Landfill Gas to Energy systems. James Hiendlmayr built one of the first Landfill Gas-to-Energy Systems in the United States through a partnership in 1984 in Burlington Vermont, and since has developed, owned, and operated renewable energy systems across the United States.


Today, Bio-Gas Technologies owns and operates Renewable Energy Services of Ohio, a 2.4Mw Landfill Gas-to-Energy system in Milan Ohio. Using landfill gas (LFG) to generate energy and reduce methane emission produces positive outcomes for our local community and the environment.

Core Values

Our Plants

Renewable Energy Services (RESO) of Ohio located in Milan Ohio is managed and operated by Bio-Gas Technologies. RESO destroys 84,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually, operates 24/7 with 94% availability, and net negative emissions. RESO supplies renewable electricity though a partnership with AMP Ohio to the cities of Milan, Oberlin and Painesville, Ohio.

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