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.: Design

Bio-Gas Technologies offers various services, including the complete design of its projects. Due to our extensive experience in building projects, we have developed unique methods of design to benefit all those involved. Every project is different and this must be taken into consideration during the design, we do our best to assure maximum production and precision design.

.: Engineering

The company's president is not only a corporate manager, but he is also an engineer and builder. Through his history of hands on experience in building projects he has been able to incorporate decades of in-the-field solutions into his engineering. By completing this work in-house we are able to provide a competitive price with a quality product.

.: Procurement

The company has a professional staff in charge of negotiating its contracts and permits. In the past we have been able to save our customers a great deal of capital by providing this service along with others. When we take on a project we want to understand the full cost and the full benefit to help the customer in deciding what application is best suited for their facility.

.: Financing

Bio-Gas Technologies can perform technical, economic and financing option studies to determine if a project is feasible. Once that determination is made, we can provide full financing of projects. In many cases, it is in the best interest of the entity seeking development of a project to have us finance, build, own and operate the project. This helps the entity to avoid most liability and maintenance concerns.




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