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.:West Terre Haute, Indiana (2007)


Bio-Gas Technologies has been an innovator in small power production facilities. The Green Valley Energy Project is a perfect example of this innovation. This project utilizes the trapped methane in an abandoned coal mine as a source of fuel.

The three modules on the right were designed, engineered, constructed, and financed by Bio-Gas Technologies. This project produces 3.7 MW of electricity, and has a convenient modular construction. This site has been operated and maintained by Bio-Gas Technologies since its installation.

This is a design Bio-Gas recommends to its customers who expect the engine to outlive the project or have an unreliable gas supply.



.: Berlington, Vermont (1994)

This project, located in Burlington, Vermont, exports 700 ekW continuously. The Caterpillar G399NA shown to below is running on landfill gas. This system has been operational since fall of 1992. The landfill is capable of producing landfill gas for approximately 15 years. The entire project was designed and constructed by Bio-Gas Technologies.

.:Brattleboro, Vermont (1991)


The photo featured right is Bio-Gas' first landfill gas-to-energy project in Brattleboro, Vermont. Installed were two G3412NA Caterpillar gas generators which are rated @ 350 ekW each. This station has been operational since 1991.

Once all the landfill gas has been extracted, these particular modules can be moved to another site with relative ease.







.: Appleton, Wisconsin (2007)

After a brief vacation from the industry, Bio-Gas Technologies surged back into business. During the year 2006 two projects were designed, engineered, financed, and constructed by Bio-Gas Technologies. In early 2007, both of these projects went online at full capacity.

The Outagamie County Landfill was one of these two projects. This is a 4.8 MW system which utilized three of Caterpillar's newest and most efficient engines. While these engines have been known to cause a great deal of difficulty for Caterpillar and other builders, we have made some modifications to repair their design flaws.





In all of their landfill projects, they design the controls and the switchgear, because of the necessity for customized control. Further, they are able to optimize cash flow on these projects by monitoring the quality of gas being extracted from within the landfill.

If the gas is pulled from the landfill too quickly, it can jeopardize the landfill's ability to produce combustible gas. Bio-Gas' controls are able to monitor and control the consumption of gas to a continuous supply of landfill gas.




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