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Changing energy economics, combined with legislative and regulatory initiatives, have resulted in an increased emphasis on efficiency in industrial energy utilization. It is estimated that Cogeneration will contribute more than ten percent of new power generation by the end of the decade and 15 percent by the turn of the century to existing power supplies.

When a plant requires both electric power and process heat, cogeneration can provide significant energy cost savings. These systems provide energy independence and more controllable energy costs. Cogeneration systems employ proven technology, and have a rapid rate return.

The successful realization of a cogeneration opportunity requires the application of a broad range of skills with respect to the financial, legal, technical, management and regulatory issues. These issues interact with one another in complex ways. Bio-Gas Technologies has the skills necessary to deal with these issues in a professional manner.


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Electric Utilities face unprecedented challenges resulting from the changing economics of power generation. In particular, the very high costs of nuclear power and the financial risks of have deterred many utilities from building new major generating facilities.

Consequently, there is a definite trend toward acceptance of industrial cogeneration by utilities. Many are now including cogeneration in their future capacity planning.

There are also additional incentives for utilizing cogeneration. "Electric Rate Shock" as a result of the expensive costs of on-line nuclear plants, has greatly improved the economics for cogeneration in various parts of the United States. Fuel oil is expected to rise to $100 per barrel within two years due to high demand and China's demand.


1600 kw Power Station

Bio-Gas Technologies has successfully completed many cogeneration projects. This photo displays a completely prepackaged 1600 KW power station. Bio-Gas Technologeis performed the design, packaging, supply and complete installation of this facility. This equipment was designed to be fully automatic and operate unattended as a stand-alone power station. This plant is powered by (2) G3516 Caterpillar engines. It acts as a peak shaving power station for a plastic bottle manufacturing company.

The power station featured below was completely pre-packaged including the piping and controls. All the major work was completed in our facility, with as little as possible time spent at the job site. The switchgear was designed by Bio-Gas Technologies with state-of-the-art microprocessor controls.



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