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.: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

To the right is a complete turn-key station for an arabian cleaning establishment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The station consists of six Caterpillar 930 kw generator sets. The controls were manufactured by Redco, and designed by the staff at Bio-Gas Technologies.

Bio-Gas Technologies supplied complete engineering and system integration and all material components. The electricity being generated is 480 volts, and is stepped up to 4,160 volts for distribution in a ring feeder circuit throughout the compound.

The ring feeder circuit is of a "fail safe design". It incorporates a communication circuit to allow for automatic load shedding in the event of a problem. It is one of the very few systems in the Kingdoms that incorporates circuits to prevent a cascading type of power failure.


.:Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Bio-Gas built for Braco Cogeneration Limited a 3.2 megawatt Cogeneration facility to serve the entire energy needs of a newly constructed resort complex, Braco Village Resorts. Services provided to the resort are electricity, air conditioning, and hot water. Along with these services the Cogeneration system also supplies 2 megawatts of power to the Jamiaican Public Service Company under their "Policy to Purchase Energy from Cogeneration and Renewable Energy Resources".

Cogeneration makes good sense when a particular site utilizes a considerable amount of electricity and, more importantly, has an equally large thermal requirement in the form of hot water, steam, and/or air conditioning. A Cogeneration plant will decrease a site's need for energy by as much as 45%. This is why Cogeneration for a hotel owner/operator is so attractive. With a Cogeneration plant on their property, it will enable their overall energy efficiency to reach upwards of 80%.




.:Hail, Saudi Arabia (1988)

The photograph to the left shows a complete 6 MW power station for Hail Agricultural Development Company farm. The system controls and equipment were designed by Bio-Gas Technologies.

It was installed in 1988 and has operated continuously since. Bio-Gas provided installtion assistance, site start-up service, and operator training for the site personnel. The power station provides power for the poultry section of the farm as well as the slaughterhouse, refigeration, employee compound, water and sewage plan requirements.

Bio-Gas contracted with local contractors for the building, concrete, and the distribution requirements. The station distributes power as far as 40 kilometers from the plant. The switchgear utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, and the plant has never had a blackout since its delivery and startup.



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